About Journal

This Sudan Geographical journal (SGJ) is an arbitrated scientific e-publication of the Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences, University of Khartoum. The Journal is a biannual (January and July), bilingual (English and Arabic) and multidisciplinary publication. The SGJ objectives are:

  • To concentrate on the role of geographical and environmental studies and related disciplines in promoting sustainable development,
  • To encourage original research in geographical and environmental sciences and related fields,
  • To revive the dialogue between the Journal and both governmental and private institutions in promoting development Studies and, 
  • To keep readers updated with new developments, trends and innovations in geotechnologies i.e. GIS.

In ordinary issues, the Journal publishes original, peer-reviewed papers, short communications and review articles. In addition, the Journal is planning to publish special issues on targeted topics in Sudan and worldwide, by inviting guest editors.

The field of study of the Journal is wide-ranging, including intersections with Humanities, Socio-economic studies, Environmental and Spatial Sciences as well as Basic and Applied Sciences to enrich the objectives of the Journal.

Scholars from all branches of knowledge are therefore, invited to contribute to the issues of the Journal. Guidelines to the authors available at our website (see below).

The Journal will be available online at its website (sgj.uofk.edu) and the University of Khartoum E-Journals location (ejournals.uofk.edu) with a limited number of paper versions.

The Journal always acknowledges debt to the Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences, University of Khartoum and the many scholarly contributors from Sudan and abroad.